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Translation of documents

Translation of documents


Documents from all around the world can appear very different making it difficult to recognise key information or data. A birth certificate may seem like a simple form but when presented in a different language, it’s surprisingly hard to decode the various elements.


At 24-7 Language Services we offer expert document translation, allowing you to access information quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss. Our convenient and rapid translation service is extremely affordable, delivering precise results that you can rely on.


Some of the types of document translation we can provide includes:


Certificate translation

There are many standard documents that might require translation such as:


  • Driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Academic qualifications


Whether you need your documents translated into English, or from English into another language, our professional translators can help. Providing translations which can be certified, our service is accurate, rapid and reliable.


Legal translations

We have a proven track record in legal translations and have many translators in our bank who have a long history of working in the industry, with specialised knowledge. Understanding the terminology and the purpose of legal documents is a vital step in the translation and ensures the result is a true representation of the original document.


At 24-7 Language Services, we have provided translation services for court including witness statements and other legal documentation. Together with our legal interpretation services, we offer outstanding experience and knowledge in this sector.


Medical translations

There are many reasons why medical translations may be required, such as for immigration purposes, patient information or for commercial purposes within the pharmaceutical industry. We have medical experts who are fluent in many languages who are able to deliver accurate and precise translations of medical texts.


An error within medical translation could be disastrous so it’s imperative to use a translator who is fully conversant not just with the language, but also the terminology. Our medical translators are experts in the field as well as having a command of languages so you can be sure of receiving a high-quality translation which is perfectly precise.


Financial translations

If you’re working within the financial sector or you have financial documentation that requires translation for personal or business purposes, accuracy is absolutely vital. A misunderstanding over the figures could cause decisions to be made based on the wrong data. Our professional financial translation services are always carried out by translators who know exactly how to read documentation and contracts.


Financial translation may include business accounts, stocks and shares, derivatives, bonds or options. The range of data is diverse and far-reaching and we believe it’s imperative for our financial translators to have a deep understanding of financial terminology and the industry, first and foremost. In addition to this, our financial experts all have outstanding translation skills with a foreign language as their native tongue.


Technical translations

Technical translations could cover a diverse range of fields including engineering, geophysics, computer science, and chemistry, to name but a few. Technical proposals and operating instructions are just some of the type of documents which may be submitted for translation in industries such as aerospace, electronics, biomedical, construction or telecommunications.


Our translation experts have specific industry knowledge which allows them to understand the technical information included and to ensure the correct meaning is preserved. In many cases, experience in the sector is more elusive than the language skills, but of course, all of our translators have both.

Website translation

This is an extremely specialist area of translation and one in which we offer expert skills. Websites are typically worded very carefully and optimised to reach the maximum audience which has been targeted for the product or service. Localisation services are much more specialised than straightforward translation as it requires an in-depth understanding of the culture and location as well as written content.


Unlike other areas of translation, website translation also requires the finished product to work in terms of layout and design. The text needs to flow appropriately and relate to any images on the site. Your website is a constant advert for your brand or business so looking professional and relevant is key.


PPC campaigns, metadata tags and SEO keywords are all checked by search engines in order to rank the translated website. Just translating words from one language to another doesn’t provide the same result and could lead to a poor click-through rate and wasted clicks. We have translation experts who will help to make sure you don’t squander your budget by having a literal translation that doesn’t achieve the desired result.


Local knowledge and expertise on website translation, together with superior linguistic skills ensures that the finished design really delivers.


Never completed by machine


All of our translations are carried out by qualified and experienced human translators who have the necessary skills and knowledge for the translation requested. As well as matching up languages, we also ensure we use translators from our bank who have the specific expertise in the area of translation, when required.


You will find machine translations available elsewhere at a lower cost, but we believe this dramatically compromises quality. Machine translations can only provide a literal translation and when terms can have one meaning or more, glaring errors can be made. We are certain that having a human completing the translation removes the opportunity for error or misunderstandings, giving you an excellent result that you know you can trust.


Find out more about affordable translation


You might be surprised at just how affordable our translation service is. Our prices are extremely competitive to make sure that expert translation is accessible to all. To find out more about how we could help you, or what your translation would cost, just fill in our online enquiry form today or call our Bookings Team on 01923 827 168 who will be very happy to assist with your translation queries.


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