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Face to face Interpreting

Face-to-face Interpreting


Telephonic interpreting can be an extremely effective tool that’s useful when a rapid response is required. However, there are some situations which would benefit from a more personal face-to-face interpretation.


Our interpreters have a vast range of experience in working in sensitive settings and face-to-face is often a more appropriate service for complex circumstances. With a swift response to any request, we can arrange for an interpreter even at very short notice.


When face-to-face interpretation can help


We believe that our face-to-face interpretation service is always a positive experience but there are some situations which particularly benefit from having a physical presence rather than over the telephone.


Here are some scenarios where face-to-face interpreting should be a priority:


When it’s a legal matter

When the use of language has an impact on the application of the law, face-to-face interpreting is essential. This is particularly the case in the courtroom, or when preparing an individual’s statement for court. An interpreter can ensure absolute accuracy in this critical area.


For business

Business is now a global affair and being multilingual is more important than ever. Having one of our expert interpreters present for big contracts adds a degree of professionalism and ensures nothing gets lost in translation, quite literally.


To fully understand your rights

There are a range of scenarios where you may have certain rights which are difficult to understand. This may be connected with tenancy, immigration or employment. If you’re arrested, it’s vital to understand your rights and under EU law, every person is entitled to receive free interpretation.


Where full understanding is essential

When a doctor is conveying serious information, such as a diagnosis or results from a test, being able to understand the information is absolutely essential. It can be hard enough processing what’s being said, even when English is your first language so an interpreter in these circumstances plays an indispensable role. Other situations may include health and safety instructions, or anything else where misunderstanding could be disastrous.


Sensitive situations

There are many different circumstances where having the personal touch is imperative. Sexual assault victims who don’t speak English or a young child who needs to convey information to a social worker are just such examples. In these cases, talking about the situation may be challenging enough but adding in the language barrier may make it impossible.


We have extensive experience in all of the above and our expert interpreters can provide professional services to facilitate smooth communication.


Experience in a range of settings


Some of the most delicate situations require an interpreter but there’s nothing our bank of extremely experienced professionals won’t have seen before. We provide interpretation and translation services for:


  • Government and public sector agencies
  • Law firms
  • GPs and doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • Detention centres
  • Offices


And many more!


Our discreet and professional service provides the interpretation required to navigate even the most difficult of situations, covering areas such as mental health, medical needs, immigration and family law. We can provide linguistic support for vulnerable clients, minors and anyone else who requires interpretation in order to communicate and access information.


Emergency requests


If you require the services of an interpreter as quickly as possible, you might want to consider our telephone interpretation. This works very well for basic information as well as those times when the need is extremely urgent.


However, we can provide a face-to-face interpreter within a very short space of time, giving you more options for more complex interpretation needs.




Whatever language you need, you can trust us to provide you with a professional interpreter who can help. With a huge bank of languages and dialects, and with a database that’s continuing to expand, we can help with any situation.


Our face-to-face interpreters can offer any combination of languages you need, translating efficiently from one to another. When you’re booking the interpreter simply let us know what languages you require and we’ll match you up with one of our professionals who is proficient in that area.


Our interpreters


All of the interpreters on our books have gone through a process of careful selection so you can feel confident in receiving a high-quality service that you can rely on. We have interpreters in all the major cities across the UK who can be with you for face-to-face interpretation within a very short space of time, if required.


Where you’re expecting to need the services of an interpreter on an ongoing basis, we can select from the same group of interpreters each time. This helps you to build up a relationship, making the process much simpler. We believe it’s the small details like this which really matter, and sets us apart from other interpreter and translation service providers.


Offering great value


All of our interpreters are handpicked for their professionalism and expertise and we deliver a service to match. From the moment you receive a quote until the work is complete, you’ll receive outstanding customer service every step of the way.


Don’t be tempted to opt for a low-quality interpreting service; the potential for errors is something that can’t easily be rectified. Our rates are extremely competitive and we’re confident you won’t find better value for money elsewhere. We offer the perfect combination of high quality and an affordable price delivered with the very best service.


To find out more or get a quote, simply fill in the online booking form. We also have a team of language co-ordinators standing by to take your calls too. Our face-to-face interpretation takes multilingual communication to another level and we guarantee you’ll be delighted with the quality of our service.


Get in touch today to book a face-to-face interpreter, whatever your needs. 

Please call our Bookings Team on 01923 827 168 who will be very happy to assist with your  face-to-face interpreting requirements.


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