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Yoruba Interpreter and Translator

Yoruba Interpreting Services

24-7 Language Services offers Yoruba interpreting services to public sector law firms, GP practices, businesses and government bodies both in London and outside London. Professional Yoruba interpreting services are provided by Yoruba interpreters who have a wide breath of experience and specialism.


Our Yoruba interpreting services are available at short notice at highly competitive rates, and our Yoruba interpreters have extensive experience in the private sector assisting businesses with international trade and the public sector in areas ranging from asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits and more. We can provide different types of interpreting in Yoruba including, Yoruba Court Interpreters, to law firms, Yoruba interpreters for businesses and Yoruba interpreters for business meetings. We are also able to provide face to face Yoruba interpreting, a service by telephone and consecutive Yoruba interpreting.


24-7 Language Services can provide Yoruba interpreters in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and all major cities in the UK. Our Yoruba interpreters can also visit all courts, prisons, hospitals, solicitors’ offices and businesses in the UK.


Our qualified Yoruba interpreters are vetted and each has their own particular area of specialism. They are experienced in delivering high quality professional interpreting clearly and precisely.


If you require Yoruba interpretation service please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


Yoruba translation services

24-7 Language Services offer professional Yoruba translation services to public sector law firms, doctor’s surgeries, businesses and Government bodies both in London and throughout the UK


Our experienced and qualified translators offer a variety of translation services in Yoruba , including translations of documents from Yoruba to English and English to Yoruba . Our translators are able to offer translations of legal, medical, business documents, websites from Yoruba to English and into Yoruba . We offer a certified Yoruba translation service.


Professional Yoruba translation services are provided by Yoruba translators who have a wide breath of experience and specialism and only translate into their mother tongue. Our Yoruba linguists are carefully vetted and adhere to our quality standards.


All Yoruba translations are returned in the agreed format, on time and we will always stick to our quote.


If you require an Yoruba documentation translation services, please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


About the Yoruba Language

Yoruba is part of the Niger-Congo language family. It is a language which is spoken in West Africa and there are around 80 million speakers, with 56 million being native speakers. It is mainly spoken in Nigeria and Benin, but also spoken in parts of Sierra Leone, Europe, the Americas, Liberia and some other areas of Africa.


There are many dialects which exist in the Yoruba language and these are divided into five groups. The North-West Yoruba group consists of Egba, Ibadan, Egbado/Yewa, Ovo, Western Ogun and Lagos/Eko. North-East Yoruba has the Yagba, Owe, Ijumu, Oworo, Gbede and Abunu dialects. Central Yoruba consists of Igbomina, Ijesha, Ife, Ekiti, Akure and Efon. In the South-East Yoruba group, there is Ikale, Ondo City, Ilaje, Owo, Idanre, Akoko, Remo and Ijebu. Lastly, is the South-West Yoruba group, which consists of Ketu, Awori, Sakété, Ifè(Togo)Idasha and Ipokia/Anago.


Yoruba was previously written in the Ajami script, back in the 17th century; this was derived from the Arabic script. In the early work of Church Mission Society, Modern orthography began. The orthography current in use has been taken from the 1966 report of the Yoruba Orthography Committee. It is still like the older orthography used, as it makes use of the Latin alphabet .


The classification of Yoruba can be found with the Edekiri languages. They are with Itsekiri and isolate Igala and from the group of languages known as the Yoruboid, which is within the Volta-Niger branch in the Niger-Congo family. The history of the language dates back as far as 15,000 years ago and these days, it is the most common African language, spoken outside Africa.


Standard Yoruba, is the version of the language used in literature. It is the written version used to learn in schools and within the media. It dates back to the 1850’s and has taken different aspects of other dialects within the Yoruba language. Some features of Standard Yoruba are unique, such as the simplified vowel harmony system and foreign structures.


As religions and civilisations have been adopted, including Islam and Christianity, there has been an impact of these on both written and spoken Yoruba. It has been said that these influences have helped to enrich the language.


In Yoruba phonology, the three syllable structures are either consonant and vowel, vowel or syllabic nasal. There are three tones which can be found in the syllables, these are high, mid and low. As a tonal language, there are three tones used in the language; high, low and mid. Each syllable has one tone. In Standard Yoruba, there are seven oral and five nasal vowels. No diphthongs exist in Yoruba.


The grammatical order of Yoruba is subject-verb-object. No grammatical gender exists, however, a distinction can be found between human and non-human nouns. Yoruba has 26 letters in total, which is a combination of both consonants and vowels.


There was no common written form of Yoruba until after the nineteenth century, with the first Yoruba grammar published in 1843. These days, there is a wide range of written and spoken language available in the language.


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