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At 24-7 Language Services, we offer a diverse range of interpretation and language services delivered by expert professionals. With experience delivering interpretation in a vast range of settings, we can help with all types of requests.


Our experience working with local government agencies, the public sector, law firms and medical settings means we are ideally placed to offer specialist interpreting and translation whenever you need it.


You can specify the type of service you want on our booking form, or if you call one of our Language Co-ordinators. However, some services are better suited to some settings than others, such as telephone interpretation for simple or urgent requests and face-to-face interpreting for more complex circumstances.


Below you’ll find more information about the range of services we offer.


Face-to-face interpretation


Our face-to-face interpretation package involves one of our interpreters travelling to your location to provide language services in person. We are a nationwide organisation with a very large bank of interpreters so we are able to offer coverage to the whole of the UK.


You can book face-to-face interpreting in advance or we can also respond to urgent requests. If you need an interpreter at short notice, get in touch and we will arrange for one of our interpreters to get to you as soon as possible.


Face-to-face interpreting is perfect for situations which are complex, technical or require the personal touch. This may mean business meetings where a professional presence is required or translating sensitive information such as at a hospital or doctor’s surgery. We have interpreters who are skilled in technical areas so you can rest assured that the communication will be precise, professional and unerringly accurate.


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Telephone interpretation


When you have an urgent need for interpreters, our telephone service can offer the ideal solution. Swift and professional, we can provide an emergency response for any situation. Our interpreters are fluent in a wide and diverse range of languages and are available by telephone at very short notice.


Telephone interpretation is excellent for urgent situations, primarily when the information that needs to be conveyed is fairly straightforward and basic. We offer routine telephone interpretation as well as accommodating emergency requests.


Having an interpreter available by phone is an indispensable resource for both the private and public sector. Taking part in a three-way conference call, our interpreters can effectively remove the language barrier and facilitate smooth communication.


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Translation of documents


Documents from all around the world can be presented in many different forms and it’s not a matter of easily being able to understand the information being presented. Our document translation service can help with all types of documents from any country or language.


As well as helping to translate statutory documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, we can also provide translation services for complex documents. Our translators have a diverse range of technical skills, with specialities in various areas. This allows us to offer translation for technical documents such as business or legal contracts and police reports.


We recognise that communication has changed and evolved in recent years and our document translation service embraces new methods too. Our document translation service includes communication from a range of social medial platforms too.


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Sign language


Sign language interpretation is an essential means of communication for the non-hearing community. Our interpreters can help to facilitate clear communication in a variety of settings.


Our interpreters are all qualified British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters, which is the most popular type of sign language used in the UK. However, each country has its own version of BSL with different signs for words. Our interpreters are able to provide professional sign language interpretation across many languages, but it’s important to specify the base language when booking the service.


Sign language has a different grammatical structure to spoken words as it’s a completely separate language, not simply a translation. Some deaf individuals prefer to have a more literal interpretation of their chosen language, such as English. This is a different type of signing but our interpreters are able to offer this too; just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be happy to oblige. 




Transcription services are useful for many different reasons, either for those who have impaired hearing or when the language isn’t spoken. It involves an audio feed being translated into a written text, just like Teletext on TV.


This allows an individual to follow spoken word presentations but either captioned in the original language, or translated to another language as appropriate. At times, the real-time caption may be created in the original language but later used as the basis for translation into other languages.


We can also help with specialist transcription too, which requires the expert knowledge of complex terminology. Our interpreters are experts in their industries, delivering accurate and informed translations and transcriptions as required.




We are able to offer each of our services in a vast number of different languages which we are continuing to increase all of the time. With a large bank of interpreters and translators who are fluent in many different languages we can offer language services for every country around the world.


As well as having excellent translation and linguistic knowledge, our interpreters all have expertise in various niches, such as the medical or legal fields. This enables us to offer interpretation and translation services which are complex and technical, in addition to other work.


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To find out more about the services available, simply fill in our enquiry form online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give one of our Bookings Team a call on 01923 827 168 who will be happy to assist with your telephonic interpreting requirements and they will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


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