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Polish Interpreter and Translator

Polish Interpreting Services

24-7 Language Services offers Polish interpreting services to public sector law firms, GP practices, businesses and government bodies both in London and outside London. Professional Polish interpreting services are provided by Polish interpreters who have a wide breath of experience and specialism.


Our Polish interpreting services are available at short notice at highly competitive rates, and our Polish interpreters have extensive experience in the private sector assisting businesses with international trade and the public sector in areas ranging from asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits and more. We can provide different types of interpreting in Polish including, Polish Court Interpreters, to law firms, Polish interpreters for businesses and Polish interpreters for business meetings. We are also able to provide face to face Polish interpreting, a service by telephone and consecutive Polish interpreting.


24-7 Language Services can provide Polish interpreters in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and all major cities in the UK. Our Polish interpreters can also visit all courts, prisons, hospitals, solicitors’ offices and businesses in the UK.


Our qualified Polish interpreters are vetted and each has their own particular area of specialism. They are experienced in delivering high quality professional interpreting clearly and precisely.


If you require Polish interpretation service please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


Polish translation services

24-7 Language Services offer professional Polish translation services to public sector law firms, doctor’s surgeries, businesses and Government bodies both in London and throughout the UK


Our experienced and qualified translators offer a variety of translation services in Polish , including translations of documents from Polish to English and English to Polish . Our translators are able to offer translations of legal, medical, business documents, websites from Polish to English and into Polish. We offer a certified Polish translation service.


Professional Polish translation services are provided by Polish translators who have a wide breath of experience and specialism and only translate into their mother tongue. Our Polish linguists are carefully vetted and adhere to our quality standards.


All Polish translations are returned in the agreed format, on time and we will always stick to our quote.


If you require an Polish documentation translation services, please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


About the Polish Language

the Polish language is West Slavic and it is mainly spoken in Poland, where it is the native language of Polish people (Pols.) There are many Polish people using the language in other countries and Polish is an official language of the European Union, which Poland is a member of. Polish is spoken by over 50 million people throughout the world. Polish is the first language of 97% of Polish citizens. It is also spoken by Poles in other countries, including Lithuania, where it is the most common minority language, and Belarus and Ukraine.


There are five main dialects in Polish. Greater Polish, which is, generally spoken in the West, Lesser Polish which is spoken in the south and southeast, Masovian spoken in central and eastern parts of Poland and Silesian in the southwest.


The Polish language, for the most part, is phonemic. It has been derived from Latin-based orthography, which was developed for Slavic languages. In Polish, the letters q, x and v are not used in the alphabet, with the exception of foreign names and words.


Polish is part of the West-Slavic group in the Indo-European languages, where it joins both Czech and Slovak. It was originally used by Slavic tribes. The Polish language has continued to develop in modern times, to the point that modern Poles do not understand some of the texts from the middle Ages. Russian and Prussian conquerors tried to take Poland, but they fought back and also retained their language in the process.


Polish standard is often signified through the use of the acronym PN. It is a national standard and has been approved by PKN-National Standards Body in Poland. The standard Polish alphabet contains 9 additional letters to the basic Latin Script.


There are six monophthongs and two nasals in Polish phonology, which has a lot of similarities to the Slavic languages. Other differences in the phonology, compared to other languages are contrasting retroflex and palatal fricatives and affricates, as well as nasal vowels.


Polish is highly inflected and the word order is quite free, with the standard being subject, verb and object. Nouns are either masculine, feminine or neuter. Polish also has seven cases and adjectives agree with nouns. In most cases, the attributive adjectives will precede the nouns.


The literary tradition of Poland is Polish literature and for the most part, it has been written in Polish language. Other languages have also made an impact in Polish literary traditions, including German, Lithuanian and Latin. In earlier days, Polish literature was focused more poetic and dramatic in nature, than based on fiction.


Polish has borrowed a lot of vocabulary from its neighbouring countries, as many do. Some of the vocabulary has been taken from French, Italian and German language, as well as English. In terms of vocabulary, Polish is often compared to Russian, which is why Polish is easier to learn for those who already understand Russian. The closest relation of Poland is Slovak, and many words (around 75% are similar.)

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