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Hebrew Interpreter and Translator

Hebrew Interpreting Services

24-7 Language Services offers Hebrew interpreting services to public sector law firms, GP practices, businesses and government bodies both in London and outside London. Professional Hebrew interpreting services are provided by Hebrew interpreters who have a wide breath of experience and specialism.


Our Hebrew interpreting services are available at short notice at highly competitive rates, and our Hebrew interpreters have extensive experience in the private sector assisting businesses with international trade and the public sector in areas ranging from asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits and more. We can provide different types of interpreting in Hebrew including, Hebrew Court Interpreters, to law firms, Hebrew interpreters for businesses and Hebrew interpreters for business meetings. We are also able to provide face to face Hebrew interpreting, a service by telephone and consecutive Hebrew interpreting.


24-7 Language Services can provide Hebrew interpreters in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and all major cities in the UK. Our Hebrew interpreters can also visit all courts, prisons, hospitals, solicitors’ offices and businesses in the UK.


Our qualified Hebrew interpreters are vetted and each has their own particular area of specialism. They are experienced in delivering high quality professional interpreting clearly and precisely.


If you require Hebrew interpretation service please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


Hebrew translation services

24-7 Language Services offer professional Hebrew translation services to public sector law firms, doctor’s surgeries, businesses and Government bodies both in London and throughout the UK


Our experienced and qualified translators offer a variety of translation services in Hebrew , including translations of documents from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew . Our translators are able to offer translations of legal, medical, business documents, websites from Hebrew to English and into Hebrew. We offer a certified Hebrew translation service.


Professional Hebrew translation services are provided by Hebrew translators who have a wide breath of experience and specialism and only translate into their mother tongue. Our Hebrew linguists are carefully vetted and adhere to our quality standards.


All Hebrew translations are returned in the agreed format, on time and we will always stick to our quote.


If you require an Hebrew documentation translation services, please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


About the Hebrew Language

Hebrew is the native language to Israel and it is a Northwest Semitic language. Modern Hebrew is spoken by over 9 million people across the world; 5 million in Israel and the rest in a range of other countries, including UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany and Australia. It is part of the West Semitic branch, which belongs to the Afro-asiatic language family. Hebrew is often thought of as being sacred and was even referred to as the holy language. In some instances, Hebrew was considered the language of God. Hebrew became extinct by Late Antiquity but was revived in the 19th century.


The ethnicity of the Hebrew language is Jews, Israelites and Samaritans. The region of the language is Land of Israel.


There are a range of dialects used in Hebrew. These are Modern, Yemenite, Biblical, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Tiberian, Mishnaic and Medieval.


The alphabet in Hebrew is related to the Phoenician alphabet. Modern Hebrew was developed from Proto-Hebrew/Early Aramaic. Hebrew uses abjad writing system and the writing is from right to left. There are 22 consonants in the alphabet.


Throughout the years 200 and 400 CE, Hebrew ceased to exist in spoken language, due to the Bar Kokhba revolt. It was still used during the medieval period in some literature, and was later revived in the 19th century. The United States has the most Hebrew speakers, after Israel.


Standard Hebrew, also known as Modern Hebrew is mainly spoken by citizens of Israel There are around 5 million Israelis speaking it as their first language, around 1.5 million are immigrants to the country or Arab citizens of Israel. Others are expatriate Israelis.


Modern Hebrew phonology consists of 25 to 27 consonants, as well as 5 to 19 vowels. It is phonologically more complicated than Biblical Hebrew. The pronunciation of Modern Hebrew has taken influence from Jewish communities. Accents of Modern Hebrew can be categorised as either Oriental or Non-Oriental.


The grammar used in Hebrew is partly analytic and expresses forms including ablative, dative, and accusative. Modern Hebrew is fusional synthetic. The formation of verbs and nouns is influenced by the inflection. It used simple verb tenses, which are past, present and future. This is the same as English.


Literature of Hebrew is made up of a range of text in the Hebrew language, including modern writings, medieval and ancient writings. It also makes up one of the main forms of Jewish literature. Contemporary Hebrew literature is mainly Israeli literature, whereas, in medieval and modern eras, it was produced throughout the world. The Hebrew Bible has been the most significant piece of work in Hebrew literature. Hebrew literature can be dated back to early 12th century BC. Hebrew is mainly found in religious contexts.


In the Hebrew alphabet, there are 22 letters and five final letters. As with most Semitic languages, there are no vowels in Hebrew and unlike English, it is written from right to left. The vocabulary of Hebrew is divided into nouns, adjectives, verbs, as with other languages.


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