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Croatian Interpreter and Translator

Croatian Interpreting Services

24-7 Language Services offers Croatian interpreting services to public sector law firms, GP practices, businesses and government bodies both in London and outside London. Professional Croatian interpreting services are provided by Croatian interpreters who have a wide breath of experience and specialism.


Our Croatian interpreting services are available at short notice at highly competitive rates, and our Croatian interpreters have extensive experience in the private sector assisting businesses with international trade and the public sector in areas ranging from asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits and more. We can provide different types of interpreting in Croatian including, Croatian Court Interpreters, to law firms, Croatian interpreters for businesses and Croatian interpreters for business meetings. We are also able to provide face to face Croatian interpreting, a service by telephone and consecutive Croatian interpreting.


24-7 Language Services can provide Croatian interpreters in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and all major cities in the UK. Our Croatian interpreters can also visit all courts, prisons, hospitals, solicitors’ offices and businesses in the UK.


Our qualified Croatian interpreters are vetted and each has their own particular area of specialism. They are experienced in delivering high quality professional interpreting clearly and precisely.


If you require Croatian interpretation service please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


Croatian translation services

24-7 Language Services offer professional Croatian translation services to public sector law firms, doctor’s surgeries, businesses and Government bodies both in London and throughout the UK


Our experienced and qualified translators offer a variety of translation services in Croatian , including translations of documents from Croatian to English and English to Croatian . Our translators are able to offer translations of legal, medical, business documents, websites from Croatian to English and into Croatian . We offer a certified Croatian translation service.


Professional Croatian translation services are provided by Croatian translators who have a wide breath of experience and specialism and only translate into their mother tongue. Our Croatian linguists are carefully vetted and adhere to our quality standards.


All Croatian translations are returned in the agreed format, on time and we will always stick to our quote.


If you require an Croatian documentation translation services, please call our Bookings team on 01923 827168, or email us on contact@24-7languageservices.com. Alternatively, please click on ‘Quotation’ and submit an enquiry form for a free quote.


About the Croatian Language

Croatian is a South Slavic language, which is primarily spoken in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and neighbouring countries. It is the standard version of the Serbo-Croatian language. It is the official language of Crotia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the official languages of the European Union. The Croatian language is regulated by the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.


There are around 5.6 million Croatian speakers and it is under the Indo-European family. A high number of Croatians are multilingual (80%), with 81% speaking English, 49% speaking German and 24% who speak Italian.


Standard Croatian is spoken in the Shtokavian dialect and there are two others, which are spoken in Kaikavian, Chakavian and the territory of Croatia.


The Croatian language orthography is mostly phonetic, so most words are spelled as they sound.


Standard Croatian has been taken from a variety of the Serbo-Croatian language and is the official standard of the language, used for teaching and in media. It is the language used in the Republic of Croatia, as well as regions within Austria, Italy and Serbia.


The Croatian language has roots from the 11th century, when they were written in the Glagolitic alphabet. Thereafter, it was replace with the Latin alphabet. Croatian comes from the Old Church Slavonic and in the 19th century, South Slavics came together to unify the language. Serbo-Croatian was used in the 20th century to ensure unity throughout the


Within the Standard Serbo-Croatian, there are 35 phonemese, 25 consonants, 10 vowels and it also contains a pitch accent. The pronunciation of Croatian is ljekavian and it makes sole use of the Latin alphabet. The lexical differences also set it apart from Standard Serbian language.


As Croatian is part of the South Slavic languages, it shares the same grammar as Bosnian, Montenegrin and Serbian. The word order is subject, verb and object, but like other Slavic languages, the word order is not important. This is one of the differences between Croatian and English. There are three genders in Croatian grammar. These are masculine, feminine and neuter. These can mainly be deciphered by the ending of the noun. The morphology of other parts of the sentence can be affected by the grammatical gender. There are seven cases within nouns, these are, vocative, locative, instrumental, dative, nominative and genitive.


Croatian literary dates back to the 11th century. It started to recognise biblical stories, folklore and popular stories from the 15th century. Throughout 1835-1848, romanticism evolved in Croatian literature. This was a result of the Illyrian political movement. Poetry was the main type of literature from the start of the 20th century and this was partly as a result of the Aestheticism movement. There are many Croatian words which came from Latin and German. Other words have also been created from existing ones.


The Croatian language makes use of the Latin alphabet, but some letters are changed to suit the phonetic system. There are a total of 30 letters in the Croatian alphabet. There is no q, w, x and y in the alphabet.


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